WordPress Meetups Last Week

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Last week, I attended three WordPress Meetups, which I will summarize for you below:

OCWP Developer Day


Monday was OCWP Developer Day at Zeek in Huntington Beach. Brandon Dove of Pixel Jar headed up the discussion with a talk about enqueuing conditional CSS and using the premium plugin, WP All Import, which allows you to import any XML into WordPress. I also did a quick overview of BuddyPress 1.7, which was recently released and allows you to use any theme with your BuddyPress installation. I have set up a demo BuddyPress site at SuzettePress.com, which you may register for and try out. To watch the full recorded meetup, visit ocwp.org or see below:

Pasadena WordPress

On Tuesday, I presented at the Pasadena WordPress Meetup, and I spoke on the new default theme for WordPress which is coming out later this month, Twenty Thirteen. I explain how to customize Twenty Thirteen using a child theme and modifying your functions.php file to create more widgeted areas and menus. The slides from my presentation may be found below, or directly at Speaker Deck.

Topanga Meetup


Finally, on Thursday, I attended the Topanga WordPress Meetup where my awesome friend, Natalie MacLees, spoke on, “How To Setup Your WordPress Site the Right Way”. This is a great talk for anyone that is thinking about setting up a new site, as she outlines that you need to have a solid plan and all of your content before you start installing WordPress and designing out your site. Typically, most people pick a theme first and then try to fit their content into that theme only to diacover that the theme chosen is all wrong for the content. She stresses that when you fail to plan, then you are really planning to fail, and provides questions to avoid this common pitfall, such as: Why, Who, What, Where, When, and How. The slides to Natalie’s presentation may be found below, or directly on Speaker Deck. Andrew Behla recorded audio from the meetup, which may be found here.

Coming Up Next

hollywoodThis Wednesday, I will be attending the Advanced WordPress Meetup of San Diego, and after that on Friday, I will be traveling to Reno, NV, to attend and speak at the 2013 Reno WordCamp, which I am very excited about. I will be returning on Monday just in time to attend OCWP General Meetup. Then on Wednesday, I will be speaking at the very first Hollywood WordPress Meetup! This should be awesome, because I am speaking on a less technical topic than normal, and (mt) will be giving away swag bags to the first 10 attendees and will be raffling off a (gs) Grid-Service account, free for 1 year.

Suzette Franck is a WordPress Evangelist at (mt) Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company providing premium web hosting and cloud services to web designers, web developers, digital innovators and entrepreneurs since 1998. An established member of the WordPress community and one of today’s most prolific female WordPress speakers, Suzette joined Media Temple in 2012 and has, since then, been building on the company’s early involvement with the WordPress and Open Source communities. She advocates and educates for WordPress by actively participating in WordCamp conferences country-wide and WordPress meetups in Southern California.

As passionate about front-end coding as she is about increasing awareness of the wonders of WordPress, she also co-hosts Media Temple’s weekly educational podcast, WP Unicorn Project (wpunicornproject.com), with WordPress Unicorn Rockstar Natalie MacLees, which addresses all things WordPress and web development with a variety of WordPress professionals including designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Suzette blogs about WordPress at suzettefranck.com, and she is a repeated guest on the popular WPWatercooler video podcast (over 5 million views). When she is not “WordPressing”, Suzette, who resides in North Hollywood, CA, paints and collects art.

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