WPwatercooler Episode #112 – Should WordPress Go Corporate?

This week, regulars Chris Lema, Steve Zehngut, Se Reed, Suzette Franck, and Jason Tucker are joined by special guests George Stephanis and Karim Marucchi on WPwatercooler Episode #112 as they speculate on the implications of the Corporatization of WordPress.

WPwatercooler Episode #111: WordPress Design Trends and the Return of the Blink Tag

On this show, regulars: Steve Zehngut, Se Reed, Jason Tucker, and Suzette Franck are joined by special guests Tracy Levesque, Robert Neinhuis, and Chris Ford to discuss WordPress web design trends, such as the very popular parallax fad, full-width sliders with video backgrounds, and the return of the blink tag.