WCOC Plugin-a-Palooza: WP Art Store – Chris Reynolds at WebDevStudios.com

By Chris Reynolds of WebDevStudios


This year, WordCamp Orange County (coming up on June 6th and 7th) is doing something a little different. Plugin-a-Palooza a plugin-building hackathon/competition that they first announced back in February. The rules are pretty simple: pitch a plugin idea, get it approved, write a plugin, submit it by a specific time, make sure it’s GPL, and then talk about it.

I volunteered to help Suzette Franck build out a plugin to submit to Plugin-a-Palooza that would let artists easily sell their work from their website without having to do a lot of technical inventory management stuff.

The result is WP Art Store, and you can check it out on WordPress.org or GitHub. The plugin is a fairly simple custom post type plugin that adds a new post type for works of art along with several ways of grouping those art works together–by medium, by theme or subject, or by technique…

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Pay It Forward with the WDS Holiday Charity Competition!

I work for an awesome company (WebDevStudios) that values philanthropy as much as I do and I am very proud to be a part of their charity efforts. For the holidays, we at WDS split into 3 teams, and each team has elected a favorite charity that they are raising money for: Codestarter.org, Freedom Projectz, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Each team is competing with each other to raise the most money for their charity, and WDS will donate $1,000 to the winning organization.

2014-12-06 11.28.07My team, “Scream Team”, has raised $430 so far and we have till December 24th to collect donations for our cause. In an effort to bribe my friends and family to donate, I personally made 52 batches of peanut butter fudge over two days and I am shipping them all over the country along with a note about the WDS Charity Competition and urging them to donate to Codestarter.org. We chose this charity because we would like to see more children with laptops learning code and WordPress, and every $250 raised provides one laptop to a deserving child.

You can read more about what each charity does on our post at WebDevStudios’ blog. All three causes are excellent choices and we hope that you will pay it forward with us by donating to one or all of the charities this holiday season: http://webdevstudios.com/2014/12/08/wds-holiday-charity-competition/.


“Five Reasons Why I’m Thankful for WordPress” – by Suzette Franck for WebDevStudios Blog

by Suzette Franck for WebDevStudios

“As a Front-end WordPress Developer, I’ve become an avid reader of WordPress Tavern; their articles are always relevant to me and of a very high quality with just the right amount of new information. Their recently published article, 6 WordPress Things I’m Thankful For by Jeff Chandler is no exception, and got me inspired to ponder about what in WordPress I am most grateful for and write this article”…

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Security and Privacy Considerations for Website Owners and Developers – WebDevStudios

by Suzette Franck for WebDevStudios.com

As a multiple website owner and WordPress front-end developer, I am passionate about website security and privacy practices, and the applications and requirements as a modern web developer. I have come to learn that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. Care must be given to the type of information stored, where it is stored, and how it is transmitted through the interwebs, the resulting consequences range from moderate to severe, but most are avoidable through a little bit of old-fashioned research and prevention.


WPwatercooler #100: We’re Still Here

On this episode of WPwatercooler: we celebrate a milestone, 100 episodes! Join us as we discuss everything that has been going on since our first episode back on Sept 24 2012 and what the future holds for our regulars: Chris Lema, Jason Tucker, Suzette Franck, Steve Zehngut, Se Reed, and David Jesch.