WPwatercooler #94: Selling WordPress themes: marketplace or on your own site

On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be continuing our discussion on selling WordPress themes as a business and focusing on if you should sell your theme in a marketplace or on your own site. We’ll be discussing the various options for each method.

Staring: Syed Balkhi, Suzette Franck, Rebecca Gill, Chris Lema, Tom McFarlin, Mike McAlister, Adam Pickering, Jason Tucker, Steve Zehngut


Our Top 30 List of Free WordPress Themes From 2012 – WPHub

Today I’d like to share with you 30 of the best free designs that have been released so far in 2012. There’s been some good free WordPress themes released over the last two and a half months including blog templates, magazine templates and portfolio designs.

via Our Top 30 List of Free WordPress Themes From 2012 – WPHub.


Review of Ultimatum Theme for WordPress

I decided to review Ultimatum after reading Chris Lema’s article where he gave it high marks. Also, when I went to their site, http://ultimatumtheme.com/ I love the minimalistic theme they had and I thought I could quickly create something that nice. Wrong!

When I downloaded the theme, it was HUGE! and took forever to download/upload. Once it was all uploaded, I activated it and got an out of memory error. No problem, I increased the PHP Memory limit and was able to access the wp-admin back-end fine. When I came to view the theme, there was nothing there, just a blank white screen of death.

After scouring their support forums, I found out this is actually the intended result, and that there is all sorts of unintuitive processes like layouts that need to be created before you can actually see anything displayed on your screen, even if you do actually have content. Wow. Super frustrated already and now I have to create a layout when I am not even sure what is possible? Luckily, I found a nice tutorial, but it can only be accessed if you are a member. Bummer! My impression was that it seemed like a lot of work to get something up that looked worse than no style sheet at all!

At this point, I am not sure if I should continue trying to learn this thing to make something decent looking which I can see as an uphill struggle with or without out having a predetermined design, or get my predetermined design on and then code it from Twenty Eleven, my usual base starting point. I think this will create the best result, I was just hoping that I could find a nifty shortcut, but again, there is no substitute for simply doing good honest work from (almost) scratch.