OC Women Who WordPress

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I shared my WordPress story with the OC Women of WP Meetup group last month. It was a lot of fun and I met some amazing and smart women at the meetup. Thank you to Jen Miller, Bridget Willard, and Elizabeth Schilling for inviting me to speak!


Orange County WordCamp 2011

Orange County WordCamp 2011 was the very first Wordcamp or WordPress meetup I ever went to, and I immediately fell in love with the WordPress Community and their extensive knowledge of WordPress. Jeffrey Zinn and Brandon Dove, who were interviewed on Code Poet are two awesome WordPress developers that compromise PixelJar that also organize the Orange County WordCamp. I spoke on BuddyPress at this WordCamp, which was also my first real speaking engagement. Below are the links to the information from the Orange County WordCamp.

WordCamp Speaker Profile:

Speaker Deck Presentation:

Presentation on Slideshare: