WordPress Hangout #18: WordPress Community and Contribution with Ben Lobaugh

This week, Suzette Franck of (mt) Media Temple and Natalie MacLees of Purple Pen Productions will be talking with Ben Lobaugh, of Automattic about how to go from Zero to WordPress Hero through contribution and community involvement. Airing at 11:00 PDT on Thursday, July 17th. Ben Lobaugh hails from Seattle, Washington, and is an Automattician, […]

Inland Empire Meetup: Jetpack 2.2.5

I was the main presenter the fine folks over at the Inland Empire WordPress Meetup. Jetpack 2.2.5: Back in the day, there were great features available to WordPress.com users that were not available on self-hosted sites. Jetpack is a plugin that connects to WordPress.com and enables awesome features, powered by the WordPress.com cloud infrastructure. You […]

Supercharge Your Website with Jetpack: Part Three of Three | Media Temple

by Suzette Franck, WordPress Evangelist Lead at Media Temple In the second edition of “Supercharge Your Website with Jetpack”, I covered features such as Blog Subscriptions via email, using Publicize to spread your post across different social networks, and using Sharing to enable social media icons on your site. I also reviewed Jetpack Comments and […]

Five Reasons You Should Use Jetpack

Isn’t Jetpack Just A Bloated Plugin? Today I talked about Jetpack at the Ventura County WordPress Interest Group. My slides for the presentation may be found on Speaker Deck. A lot of developers do not like Jetpack because they say it is bloated with a lot of unnecessary features. This is always my response, “You […]

Supercharge Your Website with Jetpack: Part Two of Three | (mt) Media Temple

In my last article, Supercharge Your Website with Jetpack: Part One of Three, I wrote about the basics of Jetpack: what it is, a rundown of the applications included, how to install, and how to connect it to your WordPress.com account to enable all of the awesome features. In this second post of this series, […]