WordPress Hangout #5: Setting up a Local Development Environment w/Marc Benzakein

marc_benzakeinThis week Suzette Franck of (mt) Media Temple and Natalie MacLees of Purple Pen Productions will be talking with Marc Benzakein of ServerPress.com about why you would want to and how to set up a local development environment on your PC or MAC.

Aired at 11:00 PST on Thursday, February 20.

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Theme Sense: a Common Sense Approach to Theme Development | Code Poet

What is “Theme Sense”? Theme Sense is an intuitive understanding of WordPress themes: the relationship between the files that make up a theme, and how those files fit in with WordPress. Theme Sense is what you’ll have at the end of this article.

Theme Sense is not about memorizing code

Let’s think about mathematics and “number sense” for a second. If you teach a kid just to memorize arithmetic facts on flashcards, without explaining why the answers are what they are, that kid may struggle when they encounter a fact they haven’t memorized. For example, demonstrating 5+2 = 7 using blocks helps the kid “see” how numbers work. They can then use this knowledge to help solve any problem they run into in the future, even if they haven’t memorized the answer.

Theme Sense works the same way. It’s important to focus on the larger picture of what you’re trying to achieve, instead of memorizing specific bits of code.

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