WPwatercooler Episode #111: WordPress Design Trends and the Return of the Blink Tag

On this show, regulars: Steve Zehngut, Se Reed, Jason Tucker, and Suzette Franck are joined by special guests Tracy Levesque, Robert Neinhuis, and Chris Ford to discuss WordPress web design trends, such as the very popular parallax fad, full-width sliders with video backgrounds, and the return of the blink tag.

WordPress Hangout #3 Agile Design and Using Style Tiles with Chris Ford

Suzette Franck, Natalie Maclees, & Chris Ford of Creativity Included talk about agile design, style tiles and what to pay attention to when you set out to do a web design.

Responsive Web Design Video: Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves – Crowded Sites

This was actually the first time I had heard Ethan Marcotte speak in this very detailed Responsive Web Design video. He frames the topic of Responsive Web Design so eloquently and firmly makes the case for why we should be building websites this way. My favorite quote is in regards to frequent discussions his team […]