“Empowering Women in WordPress” on WDS by Suzette Franck

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When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, “What will I be?”

I used to think that the only jobs for women included only nursing, teaching, or being a mother. I had no clue that there would be something called the Internet, and that I would be making websites for it and teaching others how to code. Since its inception, the technology fields have always been under-represented by women, and there is a lack of positive female role models in the computer and IT Industry as a whole. One place where the balance is more equal is within the WordPress Community…

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WordPress Hangout #18: WordPress Community and Contribution with Ben Lobaugh

ben-lobaughThis week, Suzette Franck of (mt) Media Temple and Natalie MacLees of Purple Pen Productions will be talking with Ben Lobaugh, of Automattic about how to go from Zero to WordPress Hero through contribution and community involvement.

Airing at 11:00 PDT on Thursday, July 17th.

Ben Lobaugh hails from Seattle, Washington, and is an Automattician, Musician, Sailor, Seattle WordPress/Camp organizer, Christian, International Speaker, Mephobia sufferer, and you may follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/benlobaugh.


Tribal Leadership & Community

I am reading the book, “Tribal Leadership“, and I keep seeing a consistent theme overall in Leadership books: you need to transition off building your own career to enrolling others in your vision. A person, on their own, can do amazing things. But together as a community aligned with the same values and goals can do exponentially more than the sum of the people working on a given project.

This book defines five distinct stages of tribal culture and outlines tools that a tribal leader can implement to move their “tribe” to the next level of development to accomplish remarkable results, ┬áspread happiness, and drive customer satisfaction to new heights.


This is one reason why I have decided to join forces with something much greater than myself: the WordPress Contribution Community. Having built over 200 custom themes from Twenty Eleven, I figured that I had a little something to share about building themes, so I have signed up to write about Child Themes for the WordPress Theme Developer Handbook. I will also be speaking at Miami WordCamp on the topic of Twenty Twelve and Child Themes, which happens early April.

What are you doing to build and contribute to your community?