February’s OCWP General WordPress Meetup

Last night, I attended the Orange County WordPress Meetup Group and it was a packed house with 70 people. I presented on the Edit Flow plugin which is a suite of features to assist in team collaboration in blogging and writing articles. My slides may be found online here:

Edit Flow 0.7.6 on Speaker Deck

The presentation was also broadcasted live and recorded, my talk begins at 50:00 in the below video:

Steve Zehngut, owner of Zeek and host of the meetup, presented on Post Formats, which will be part of the new default theme, Twenty Thirteen, that is shipping with the next major release 3.6 of WordPress. Post formats are another way to categorize and display posts in a standard way, and include the following options: Standard, Aside, Audio, Chat, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Status, Video. If post formats are supported by the theme you are using, it will display the post with a class of .format-video, .format-quote, etc., depending on the post format type that is selected, which then can be styled with CSS. You may also customize the display of the post format by creating its own template with the name of content-video.php, depending on post format type.

Steve’s business partner, Jeff Turner, also presented on using the FitVid plugin to make embedded videos responsive according to the window size.

Also announced at the Meetup was the rebirth of my old WordPress Meetup, Orange County WordPress Web Designers, which will have their first meeting Monday, March 4th. I ran the group for 6 months but discontinued it. Oscar Gonzalez, Sarah W., Elizabeth Shilling, along with Steve Zehngut really liked the perspective of that meeting, as it was more focused around designers and WordPress, so they decided to keep it going at the offices at Zeek in Huntington Beach. I will be there at the first meeting where they will be covering how to work with Child Themes. Should be awesome!

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