WPwatercooler #39: Picking the Right WordPress Theme for Non-programmers

On this week’s WPwatercooler show, our core cast of Chris Lema, Jason Tucker, Steve Zehngut, Sé Reed, and myself, Suzette Franck, were joined by Greg Taylor, a developer from MarketingPress, as we discussed the perfect theme for non-programmers. The need to keep functionality separate (plugins) from the theme was discussed, as well as why frameworks […]

First Ever WordSesh Recap & WPwatercooler

Wpwatercooler Yesterday on Monday, we recorded WPwatercooler. The organizer of WordCamp Miami, David Bisset, and the organizers of the first ever online WordSesh, Brad Williams and Scott Basgaard, appeared along with regulars: Jason Tucker, Steve Zehngut, everyone’s favorite, Se Reed, and yours truly, Suzette Franck. You can catch the recorded episode below or by visting […]