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“Choosing a WordPress Host” Slides – Hollywood WordPress Meetup

With all the options for web hosts now offering WordPress-specific hosting, how do you go about evaluating plans and web companies? This talk will cover basic specs to run WordPress, some security and community considerations, as well as some resources and tools for comparison.

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“Submitting and Presenting at WordCamps” – SoCal Meetup

With Los Angeles WordCamp fast approaching, this talk is aimed at inspiring and providing tips to first-time speakers on how to submit and prepare for a WordCamp Presentation. I have spoken at 18 WordCamps in the past 2 years and I hope to motivate new talent in the presentations that are given at all WordCamps.

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Run a Local Bleeding Edge WordPress Environment – Media Temple

by Lucy Beer for Media Temple

If you’re an average WordPress user running WordPress to power your site, you’re probably going to want to stick to working with the latest stable version of WordPress.

But if you’re a Power User, or WordPress theme or plugin developer, you’ll be happy to know that you can get ahead of the game by running WordPress “trunk” – the bleeding edge version of WordPress which features the absolute latest code changes implemented by the core WordPress team. You should NEVER run this on a live site since it’s not close to a stable version. You SHOULD use this environment to test your code against future releases of WordPress and prepare accordingly.

The WordPress core team uses Subversion as their version control system, but these days the trend seems to be toward using GitHub as a repository so that’s what I’m using in this example. The WordPress GitHub repo is a mirror of their Subversion repo and is synced with Subversion every 15 minutes.

There’s several ways to go about running WordPress locally and connecting to either the SVN or GitHub repos – for me, this was the easiest to set up and can be done using free tools (bonus!) which are both PC and Mac friendly.

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