Blondie RIP 2002-2012

Blondie Rosen was the best friend and baby girl doggie of Nicole Rosen & Suzette Franck. She was born January 8, 2002 and was bought by her first mommy and daddy at a pet store in LA County. Three years later, she relocated from LA to Orange County to live with her forever mommies.

Blondie was a little diva but that drama queen barked her way into their hearts…literally, she barked at them for 20 minutes straight when they went to pick her up. She instantly had two older brothers, Mini & Cooper (yes, they were purposely named after the car…that is a whole different story) but she quickly became the alpha and it was all about her, she would tell you…she talked back, would grumble when walking away, piggy snort for treats, howl when she was excited to see you and bark at anything that resembled an animal or a person on a bike.

Although she was their dog, she had Nicole wrapped around her paw and would be her co-pilot on car rides (for Nicole, DOG was her co-pilot), her late night TV watching couch buddy and her designated face washer…she loved giving her mommies kisses. Blondie put her belly before anything else and rightly earned the nicknames, Piglet & Bubba.

They say dogs don’t see color but she knew if something was pink it was hers, like when her mommies brought home a pink laundry basket and when they put it down she jumped in it and laid down, while wearing pink camo. She also loved leopard print and quickly became the leopard print princess of the house, stealing the title from Nicole. They also say dogs can’t see what is on tv but she liked to prove whoever “they” were…WRONG, because even on mute she could tell if an animal was on tv and would bark at it until the channel was changed. Needless to say, there was no watching of Animal Planet. She enjoyed laying in the snow at the Rosen cabin in Big Bear, wearing her pink Spoiled velour hoodie and going to grandma & grandpa’s house to play in their yard.

Blondie looked like a living stuffed animal but had the attitude of a pop star. She is even famous online for a pic of her laying on her back in her crate for many pro-crate training articles…she is an eHow star. She had her idiosyncrasies and others would consider her a handful but she was her mommies’ little girl thru and thru, always giving them kisses every morning to wake up, even on her last day with them. She will always be loved, definitely will be missed and will never be forgotten.

She is survived by Nicole Rosen, Suzette Franck and their two dogs, Cooper and Pumpkin.

R.I.P. August 14, 2012