Suzette Franck’s 2014 WordPress Evangelism Year-end Review

Team WebDevStudios at #WCSF

In 2014, I spoke at 10 WordCamps and I enjoyed visiting new places and meeting new people. For 2015, my goals are to speak much less, but to focus on learning and teaching what I know to others.

WordCamp Speaking Engagements Total: 12 times at 10 WordCamps, 5 Videos

Phoenix, Lancaster, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Charleston (2x), Chicago, Milwaukee (2x), New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas

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The premiere WP Girlie Show podcast will air Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 11:30am and will feature Suzette Franck and Natalie MacLees discussing 2014 WordPress resolutions, rainbows, and sparkle ponies.

This will be a 30 minute weekly podcast under the Media Temple YouTube channel on Thursdays at 11:30am, right before the “Ask CloudTech” podcast. Due to being out of town for WordCamp Phoenix 01/17, the next WP Girlie Show podcast will be the following Thursday, 01/23. Please join us and feel free to ask questions or suggest topics using the contact form.


(mt) Media Temple » 2013: A Big Year for (mt) and WordPress

At the end of 2012, (mt) Media Temple made a significant investment in our WordPress involvement in hiring Suzette Franck as our WordPress evangelist. The evangelist role means many things to many people. To us it means making sure we’re teaching and implementing WordPress best practices on the support floor, and in the engineering and product departments here at (mt). It also means generating dedicated instructive resources for the WordPress Community. It’s safe to say 2013 was the biggest year for (mt) in the WordPress community thus far!

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Do You Want The New Post Formats in 3.6?

by John Saddington on WP Daily

That’s the question that’s up for grabs as Jen Mylo poses the question publicly in Make.WordPress:

…I am wondering if the post formats ui is really prime time ready, or if it should be one of the very first things to land in a 3.7 branch so we can get the things that are completely ready into the hands of users sooner rather than later?

You can read the rest of the thread and her reasoning behind bringing up the question in the first place. It’s worth noting, she’s not trying to cause trouble (and neither am I):

See the full post and comment:

Here is my response:

Suzette Franck April 23, 2013 at 1:50 pm
I am in love with the new Post Formats feature, and I don’t think it should wait, and I would be personally very sad if it were pushed to 3.7. I have been using the beta versions of 3.6 and Twenty Thirteen for a month or so now, and I have not seen any compatibility issues, except maybe some weirdness with the audio post format and Jetpack, that may be fixed now.

I have been teaching different groups of WordPress Meetups in Southern California as well as at WordCamps in Miami, San Diego, and Reno about 3.6, Twenty Thirteen and Child Themes, and the general consensus is that everyone, users and developers alike, are very eager to see this happen.

Personally, as a theme developer, I think it offers some amazing options for styling different Post Formats. I believe that Post Formats will make it much easier for end-users to enter in their type of content and have a very professional and dynamic looking blog with a minimum of effort.

I am not sure what would be involved, but if there was a way to turn off Post Formats for those that do not want them, or just hide the option buttons and make everything a standard format for some?

Also, wasn’t sure of anyone here could answer, but the only thing I am missing is the ability to select page templates , not sure if that was part of WordPress or the theme, but it is no longer available. I understand that page templates can be used as a part of the template hierarchy according to their filename, but I thought this may negatively affect those themes that depend on that feature as a way to activate different functionalities within their site: ie. portfolio, testimonial, or different home page formats.

Here is the reply to my question about selecting a Page Template:

Otto April 23, 2013 at 2:03 pm
Suzette: The Page Template selection box only shows up if the theme actually has some Page Templates to choose from. Wouldn’t make sense to have a dropdown with nothing in it.

Twenty Thirteen doesn’t include any Page Templates, so no selection box appears when using it.

Here is the last response on the thread on by Matt Mullenweg:

Matt Mullenweg 12:32 pm on April 23, 2013
We shouldn’t take this personally. Features get adding and removed from releases all the time, even ones I’ve advocated for or worked on, and even at the eleventh hour.

It’s also very normal to get tons of feedback after all the work on a feature has been done, or often after it’s been shipped.

Even if it was pulled from core entirely, the work could be put into a plugin that we can see how it gets adopted and used in the WP ecosystem.