OCWP General Meetup: Upcoming in 3.8 & Favorite Plugins for Custom Post Types

Steve Zehngut talks about the changes in WordPress 3.8, beta 1, in which the biggest change is the sleek admin interface makeover with integration of the MP6 plugin into core to restyle the WordPress Dashboard. He also talks abut Desktop Server, Custom Post Type UI by Brad Williams, and he covers the Repeater field add-in for Advanced Custom Fields.

I talk about CodePress Admin Columns, where you can change the columns that are displayed on your post type admin listings; the Imsanity plugin, which automagically resizes future uploaded pictures to a size that you specify; Regenerate Thumbnails or File Gallery for recreating different image sizes after you have changed them in the media settings.

The full meetup broadcast may be viewed below:


#OCWP Meetup Recap: Migrating Sites

ocwp-brandonAt last night’s WordPress Developer Meetup in Orange County, I talked a bit about WP Migrate DB, which I have used to successfully migrate over 200 WordPress websites. WP Migrate DB creates a dump of the database, much like taking an MySQL dump, but replaces old domain name with the new domain name. It also handles the conversion of serialized strings, which reduces the amount of migration issues, such as missing menus and widgets. Everything is handled through the WordPress dashboard, so there is no need to have to go into PHPMyAdmin, which as you knw, can be dangerous for the inexperienced. As awesome as Migrate DB is, it only handles the database portion of the move. To fully migrate, you would need to copy your files to the new location as well. I have talked more in depth about Migrating Self-hosted WordPress on my speaker deck which may be found: https://speakerdeck.com/suzettefranck/migrating-self-hosted-wordpress.

Brandon Dove talks about some other tools used to migrate sites such as WP All Import. WP all Import allows you to import any CSV or XML file into WordPress and provides mapping and templating tools to facilitate use of the imported data.

Gregg Franklin talks about Desktop Server, which is an awesome desktop application that sets up a WordPress Development environment on your local PC or Mac, and soon, Unix will be supported as well.

The entire meetup was broadcast live and recorded by awesome Jason Tucker and may be found below:

More info and notes will be put up here on the official OCWP website.


Your Online Presence…What You Need Beyond the Website

After your site goes live, you may think you that’s all you need, but there other important steps required to insure a successful online presence! To make the most of all the hard work that everyone put into creating the site, you need to make sure that processes are put in place to regularly maintain the site, setting up security monitors, backup scheduling, configuration of stats and caching programs, automating post broadcasts, activating Jetpack, testing contact forms, and prepping your site with search engine optimization. Many of these steps are completed after a site is live and DNS has fully propagated. This session will outline the steps I have personally used to successfully launch over 200 WordPress sites.

Slides may found online here: https://speakerdeck.com/suzettefranck/your-online-presence-beyond-the-website


August 25th: WordPress for Artists Meetup

Logo by DabsMyla.com

If you know of any artists or musicians that are looking to build their very own WordPress website from scratch for free, or even if you are interested, I got ya covered! I am starting a new WordPress meetup called, “WordPress For Artists” and the very first meetup with me on Sunday, August 25, from 11:00 – 1:00pm and brunch will be served with vegan and gluten free options along with some mimosas and coffee, catered by my good friend and gallery co-owner, Shawn Hosner. We are very lucky to have Thinkspace Gallery, just around the corner from here, to be our location hosts for the meetup and (mt) as a sponsor. The meetups will also be recorded by Amy Gottstein and will be made available via YouTube and on the website, http://wpforartists.org.

Please note: This series is free to attend and spacing is limited to 30 attendees on a first come first serve basis but there will be laptop requirement and purchase of Desktop Server software for a special price of $35.00. For all the details, check out the meetup.com page or reach out to me directly at sfranck@mediatemple.net:

“The Absolute Beginning of Using WordPress”

Sunday, August 25, 2013
11:am – 1:00pm
Bring your laptop

Click on the button to:

*Complimentary brunch, free to attend


SoCal WordPress and Adobe User Meetup


This month’s SoCal WordPress Meetup group joined forces for their second yearly group collaboration. I spoke on Inspect, part of the Edge series by Adobe that is used for development to synchronously test websites on different mobile devices at the same time. I was lucky enough to be joined on stage with my Vanna White helper for the night, Natalie MacLees, as she held up the iPad for everyone to see as I browsed the web. The response seems a little slow, but it does show true an accurate rendering for each device when the Inspect CC application is installed on each. The software allows you to grab a series of screen captues from each device, and also allows you to inspect the code that is sent to each device, making troubleshooting a breeze. Noel Saw recorded most of my presentation, which may be found below:

SoCal WP Presents: Suzette Franck demoing Adobe Edge Inspect from MobileK.it on Vimeo.

And my slides for the first part of the talk, “Web Device Troubleshooting with Adobe Edge“, may be found below: