“Suzette Franck: WordCamp Awesome Person #1” by Russell Aaron

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Suzette Franck is one of the first, of many, individuals I met outside of the Vegas WordPress Community. At the time, she was the evangelist for a company called Media Temple. This was before GoDaddy acquired the company in recent years. She has worked for some awesome companies and I’m completely jealous. No joke.

Suzette Franck: WordCamp Awesome Person #1

Suzette Franck has been to more WordCamp events, than any other person I know. She has spoken at almost every single one of them. She’s extremely knowledgeable in the world of HTML & CSS. HerWordCamp Talks are always packed with new users and advanced developers who need to learn a thing or two about becoming better with CSS.

When I first started writing my Gravity Styles WordPress Plugin, Suzette Franck was the first person I contacted. I asked if she had any style tips for gravity forms. I received an email rom her containing the style sheet she uses for styling Gravity Forms on her personal site. She gave me permission to use her style in my plugin. I mean, does it get any better than that?


I share a story with Suzette Franck

One time, we both were speaking at WordCamp Albuquerque 2013. We both stayed at the some hotel and even though we did not share the same ride from the airport to our hotel, we both had the same story. The shuttle bus driver asked us if we were fans of Breaking Bad. The show filmed in Albuquerque. So it wasn’t that weird to ask. He then asked us if we wanted to see the house that one of the characters live in. It’s a real house they film in. He then informed us that he lived close to the house. A little creepy to say the least.

I cherish every memory I have with Suzette Franck, and I look forward to seeing her at more WordCamp Events.

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“HTML6 is Around the Corner: What to expect” Guest post by Ben Wilson

For all intents and purposes, HTML5 has emerged to be a blockbuster platform, fueling the web development community to create vibrant and viable applications, the likes of which are hard to produce using lesser platforms.

But if you are under the impression that HTML has had its day under the sun and now it is going to retreat back, it’s time for you to be surprised even more delightfully, as it prepares to launch its latest version – HTML6 into the web development realm.

For what we know, HTML6 is still under the wraps, but there are certain features that are expected to be a part of the newest installment. Let us introduce you to a few notable ones:

The Uniquely Structured Namespaces

The namespaces will be put forth in a fashion most unique as they will be based on the XML. Consequentially, developers are going to have a gala time working with them:

        HTML6 Code Snippet

The article's title comes here

The article's sub -title comes here



Lwt's enjoy!

Pay close attention to the media


Go Zoom.

This site is © to Henry Fleming

The feature that stands out here is the uniquely formatted <html:x> tags. True to their nature, they are the namespace elements that prove to be instrumental in triggering events. It can be elucidated by this small example: the <html:media type=”image”> element is responsible for displaying an image appear.

A larger chunk of these elements can be utilized by the developers for giving a sense of structure and direction to their apps – they way they want to.

Talking of HTML Media, We Explain it Further

As iterated, <html:media> is a standout feature that is very different from the earlier versions and will prove to be really handy for the designers and developers alike. In the more conventional setup, or rather the current setup, we are so accustomed to elements like <img>, <video>, <audio>, <embed>, and so on when using media files. However, HTML6 eliminates the need for including a tag for every media file type. This is what we will use:

    HTML6 Spec Version 0.1

The Form Inputs

For those wanting to see some real alterations in the form input, HTML 6 comes with the changes blazing. Alright, a little exaggerated, but the changes are very much significant and transformational and you are bound to like them as a developer who has  an affinity towards HTML way of doing things. Most essentially, the difference lies in how it labels any form attribute that is inputted and leaves a scope for a text entry on input. This list will give you an insight into what type of entries are considered as inputs in HTML6:

  • text
  • email
  • url
  • tel
  • search
  • number
  • datetime
  • date
  • month
  • week
  • time
  • datetime-local
  • textarea
  • password
  • file – (multiple)

The list of possible attributes is following:

  • name
  • disabled
  • readonly
  • placeholder
  • autofocus
  • required
  • novalidate

The folks who want to know the implementation of the inputs and attributes can take a careful look at the following code:

    HTML6 Spec Version 0.1

The afore-mentioned are some of the features that are touted to be the indispensable parts of HTML6. Do you have your own list? Do add to the comments below.


My First Plugin: Pinkify It

After working with WordPress for six years, I have finally released my very first plugin! The plugin is very simple, it enqueues a stylesheet that overrides the theme with pink colors, and that is all it does. There are no settings or configuration, just activate and your website will turn into a lovely shade of pink. To revert to your regular theme, just deactivate the plugin. This is a very nice plugin for beginning plugin developers because it is very simple and well-documented with screen shots, installation and other notes.

To get the new plugin, please visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/pinkify-it/ or search for Pinkify by Suzette Franck under Plugins > Add New.

I am very proud of the new plugin developer icon on my WordPress.org profile, which can be found at: https://profiles.wordpress.org/suzettefranck/ I look forward to adding features to this plugin or creating new plugins as I learn new fun things.