“WordPress Tips and Tricks featuring Suzette Franck” on Educational Podcasting Today

I had the extreme pleasure to be interviewed by Jeffrey Bradbury on episode 10 of Educational Podcasting Today, check out the interview below or visit the full post at http://www.teachercast.net/wordpress-tips-tricks-suzette-franck/.    

WP Art Store plugin is Tool of the Week on the kitchensinkWP Podcast!

In segment 3 of this week’s kitchensinkWP Podcast by Adam Silver, WP Art Store was featured as Tool of the Week! Listen to the podcast here: http://kitchensinkwp.com/podcast-e067-interview-with-jessica-boctor-on-her-1st-wordcamp-experience/ To find out more about the free WP Art Store plugin created by Suzette Franck and Chris Reynolds, please visit http://wpartstore.com.

“Presenting Locally at WordCamps…” by Suzette Franck for @DesktopServer

Having presented at countless WordCamps and WordPress Meetups, one thing remains consistent:  the internet service can be less than reliable. To ease my presenter nerves and have peace of mind, I find it is best to be properly prepared. While I make sure everything is backed up online (usually github.com) I have found that presenting from a local computer is the best […]