WPwatercooler Ep. 140: Theme Customizer

On this episode of WPwatercooler, we’ll be discussing the Customizer and current functionality, what is to come of it, and what we’d love to see happen to it. From user, to admin, to developer, we’ll talk about it all.



“WordPress Tips and Tricks featuring Suzette Franck” on Educational Podcasting Today

I had the extreme pleasure to be interviewed by Jeffrey Bradbury on episode 10 of Educational Podcasting Today, check out the interview below or visit the full post at http://www.teachercast.net/wordpress-tips-tricks-suzette-franck/.




WordPress Mentioned in Popular Media #OITNB3 Episode 7

WordPress was mentioned in Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, Episode #7 “Tongue Tied”. Here is the isolated clip, which is safe for work :)



My Slides From #WCOC: “Which WordPress Job is Right For You?”

Title:  “Which WordPress Job is Right For You?”

You love WordPress, and if you are not already making a nice living with it, why not? The WordPress economy is expanding and more people are becoming involved in all aspects around WordPress, whether it be freelancing and entrepreneurship, blogging and content creation, search engine optimization, social media and marketing, developing plugins and themes, designing sites, User Interface, Maintenance, User Experience, Executives, Project Managers, Teachers, Presenters, and on… all working with WordPress in some capacity. This light-hearted session will break down several different types of popular positions and some of the requirements to do that job, which traits work best with which titles, and how you can begin to find your dream WordPress job.