My First Plugin: Pinkify It

After working with WordPress for six years, I have finally released my very first plugin! The plugin is very simple, it enqueues a stylesheet that overrides the theme with pink colors, and that is all it does. There are no settings or configuration, just activate and your website will turn into a lovely shade of pink. To revert to your regular theme, just deactivate the plugin. This is a very nice plugin for beginning plugin developers because it is very simple and well-documented with screen shots, installation and other notes.

To get the new plugin, please visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/pinkify-it/ or search for Pinkify by Suzette Franck under Plugins > Add New.

I am very proud of the new plugin developer icon on my WordPress.org profile, which can be found at: https://profiles.wordpress.org/suzettefranck/ I look forward to adding features to this plugin or creating new plugins as I learn new fun things.

WPwatercooler #105: Simple Modifications for any WordPress Theme

On this episode of WPwatercooler: Se Reed, Jason Tucker, Steve Zehngut, and Suzette Franck are joined by special guests Russel Aaron and Natalie MacLees. We may or may not discuss some simple modifications that can be done on any WordPress theme. We may talk about best practices using child themes to the simplest modifications that anyone can do on any WordPress theme.

WPwatercooler #104: Blogging For Your Business

On this episode of WPwatercooler, we will be discussing blogging for your business. Learn why blogging regularly for your business can bring you more sales and inform your clients of the type of work you do for your other clients.

Staring regulars: Jason Tucker Steve Zehngut, Suzette Franck
Staring guests: Greg Taylor, Kori Ashton, Syed Balkhi, Carrie Dils, Scott Bolinger

WPwatercooler #100: We’re Still Here

On this episode of WPwatercooler: we celebrate a milestone, 100 episodes! Join us as we discuss everything that has been going on since our first episode back on Sept 24 2012 and what the future holds for our regulars: Chris Lema, Jason Tucker, Suzette Franck, Steve Zehngut, Se Reed, and David Jesch.